Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keeley on the End of Ashes to Ashes

There's long interview with Keeley about the ending of Ashes to Ashes in the April 29, 2010 edition of The Manchester Evening News:

    As is the way with filming, the last scene captured is not the final one viewers will see on screen. “It was a very strange ending to the whole thing,” explains Keeley.

    "We finished shooting on February 10th, which is mine and Phil’s birthday, which is odd to begin with. And we were in a crematorium and it was a night shoot. So we all ended up outside this crem in a graveyard.

    “There was a big cake for me and a big cake for Phil and some champagne - and we’re trying to be very quiet and respectful, whilst trying to celebrate a little bit. It was very odd, very surreal, a little bit dark and quite funny, which is all very appropriate for Ashes.

    “It was a good way to end, a perfect ending, really. Ultimately you think, ‘God, it was such a big part of all our lives and so life changing for everybody in one way or another.’ But it’s also nice to think, ‘Right, we’ve done it, we’ve got to the ending.’”

Read the whole article.

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