Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ashes to Ashes (2008-2010)

Genre: TV Series, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy

Writers: Matthew Graham, Mark Greig and Ashley Pharoah

Synopsis: In this spin-off from Life on Mars, DI Alex Drake finds herself transported from 2008 back to 1981, where she meets DCI Gene Hunt and his side kicks, DI Carling and DC Skelton.

Keeley's Role: DI Alex Drake

Other Cast Members:
Philip Glenister as DCI Gene Hunt
Dean Andrews as DI Ray Carling
Marshall Lancaster as DC Chris Skelton
Monserrat Lombard as WPC Shaz Granger
Amelia Bullmore as Caroline Price
Stephen Campbell Moore as Evan White
Andrew Clover as The Clown/Tim Price

Status: Renewed for a third and final series (season). Series three is expected to consist of 8 episodes and will begin filming September 2009 with an expected airdate in 2010.

The second series of 8 episodes aired on BBC1 starting April 21, 2009 and finished June 8, 2009. Filming of the second series began September 8, 2008 and ended in March 2009.

The first series consisted of 8 60-minute episodes and aired on BBC1 on Thursday nights at 9pm February 7, 2008 until March 27, 2008, and on BBCAmerica on Saturday nights at 9pm March 7, 2009 until April 25, 2009. Filming occurred July - December 2008.

Ashes to Ashes photos
Ashes to Ashes Series Two photos

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Anonymous said...

hi. You know you talk about the white clown in ashes? If you go on you tube and david bowies' ashes to ashes song, you will see that his dresses up as that clown in his music video.

Anonymous said...

The Ashes Series 2010/11 is coming soon.