Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mutual Friends (2008)

Genre: TV Series, Comedy, Drama

Writers: Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto

Synopsis: "Martin Grantham is happily married to Jen. They have a son Dan, a nice house, the works. One day his best friend Carl throws himself under a train, setting off a disastrous sequence of events that will change Martin's life forever...

"Into this mess steps Patrick, a friend from way back. Patrick is everything Martin is not – glib, self-confident, popular and pathologically immature. He's the last person Martin needs in his life right now. Or is he?" (BBC)

Keeley's Role: Jen Grantham

Other Cast Members:
Marc Warren as Martin Grantham
Alexander Armstrong as Patrick Turner
Sarah Alexander as Liz
Claire Rushbrook as Leigh Cato
Naomi Bentley as Anita
Rhashan Stone as Dev
Alistair Petrie as Carl Cato
Lee Ross as Harry Seed
Emily Joyce as Sarah Fletcher
and Joshua Sharpie as Dan Grantham

Status: Canceled. The first series (6 episodes on BBC1) aired in 2008, and the BBC opted not to commission a second series.

Transmission begins 26 August 2008 at 9pm on BBC1.
filming as of April 2008 and scheduled for transmission on BBC1 during 2008.

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[Edit 5/5/09: Status updated to reflect cancellation.]

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