Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flashbacks of a Fool (2008)

Genre: Movie, Drama

Writer/Director: Baillie Walsh

Synopsis: "A fading Hollywood star (Daniel Craig) whose life of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has taken its toll, looks back at the days of his youth as he returns to his hometown for his childhood best friend's funeral." (IMDb)

Keeley's Role: adult Jessie, the fading star's sister

Other Cast Members:
Daniel Craig as Joe Scot
Harry Eden as young Joe Scot
Eve as Ophelia Franklin
Jodhi May as Evelyn Adams
Helen McCrory as Peggy Tickell
Mark Strong as Manny Miesel
Olivia Williams as Grace Scot
James D'Arcy as Jack Adams
Claire Forlani as adult Ruth
Emilia Fox as Sister Jean
Felicity Jones as young Ruth

Region 1 DVD release date: 4 October 2008
Region 2 DVD release date: 18 August 2008

limited American release date: 15 October 2008
UK premiere date: 18 April 2008
Portuguese premiere date: 8 May 2008

Flashbacks of a Fool photos
trailer (from Youtube)

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