Saturday, April 05, 2008

Death at a Funeral (2007)

Genre: Movie, Comedy

Writer: Dean Craig

Frank Oz

Synopsis: Daniel tries to keep a lid on the chaos at his father's funeral, which includes the appearance of a stranger with pictures of a damaging family secret and a cousin whose boyfriend inadvertently swallowed a pill of "acid, mescaline, a little ketamine."

Keeley's Role: Jane (Daniel's wife)

Other Cast Members:
Matthew Macfadyen as Daniel
Rupert Graves as Robert
Daisy Donovan as Martha
Kris Marshall as Troy
Alan Tudyk as Simon
Peter Vaughan as Uncle Alfie
Peter Dinklage as Peter
Andy Nyman as Howard
Ewen Bremner as Justin

Status: released on DVD February 26, 2008
(regions 1, 2 and?)

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