Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Identity" -- New TV Series!

Several sites are reporting that Keeley is to star in a new six-part series for ITV called Identity about "the darker side of reinvention: murderers who literally take other people’s lives, criminals who create new personas to escape evil pasts, impostors who look, talk and sound just like us but would kill you in a heartbeat."

Keeley will play the leader of the unit, DSI Martha Lawrence. The cast will also include Aidan Gillen, Holly Aired, Shaun Parkes, Elyes Gabel.

The episodes were written by Ed Whitmore, writer of Waking the Dead and He Kills Coppers.

The series is scheduled to air late this year or early next, which I assume means that filming hasn't started yet.

Here are some links announcing the series -- some of them are older and don't mention casting:
- TV Scoop
- Unreality Primetime
- Digital Spy
- Broadcast Now.

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