Tuesday, December 05, 2006

2006 TV BAFTAs

Keeley backstage at the 2006 TV BAFTAs at Grosvenor House Hotel, May 7, 2006. Keeley, who was pregnant with Maggie Ralph at the time, presented the award for Best Actor.

(Pictures from Getty.)

[Updated 29 January 2007. Many thanks to isfendan for catching my error!]


isfendan said...

Are you sure it was Maggie?I guess she was pregnant with Ralph at that time.You know he was born in October like his father:)Btw,I'm not a KH fan but I'm a devoted MM fan and wanted to check out your amazing web site:)You got really good stuff.Btw,I've got some other KH pix that I believe you haven't posted yet.I can send them if you want?You can reach me via youtube anytime.

Jewel Box Dreamer said...

Ack! You're right! She is most definitely pregnant with Ralph, not Maggie. Thanks for catching that!

isfendan said...

You're welcome:)It is normal that you get confused.She gave 3 births in a short time:)LOL.